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photo of President Vince McIntoshQ&A with Vince McIntosh

What is the MOQ? MOQ for airline amenity items is approximately 5,000 units per item.

Are quantity discounts available? Yes, while each brand has its own cost structure, we can normally quote a discounted price based on quantity per shipment.

What is the shipping point? Domestic shipments: Varies  Export Shipments: West coast = California postal code 90221, near the port in Los Angeles and LAX airport. East coast = New Jersey postal code 07083, near the ports in New York/New Jersey and JFK airport.

Can you quote on a delivered basis? Shipments are ex-warehouse.

Do you pack kits? No, we focus on being a dependable supply-chain partner for leading hotel-amenity suppliers and companies that pack these products into airline kits.

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TAOS amenity range thumbnailFirst-Class Personal Care

Introducing The Art of Shaving® Brand

The 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave™ — Prepare ● Lather Up! ● Shave ● Moisturize
Products rich in pure essential oils, glycerin, and Coconut Acid to effectively hydrate the skin during travel. Free from synthetic dyes and alcohol. See The Art of Shaving amenity range page.

photo of TAOS Sandalwood starter kit photo of TAOS unscented starter kit
15 mL Pre-Shave Oil, 30 mL Shave Cream, Badger Shaving Brush, 15 mL After-Shave Balm
photo of TAOS sachet front

Perfect Shave Foil Packs

Unscented 3 mL Pre-Shave Oil, 6 mL Shaving Cream, 3 mL After-Shave Balm

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We are looking forward to being in Hamburg, Germany, this April for the 2016 TravelPlus Amenity Bag Awards.

Crest®: Oral Care That is First in Class!

advertizing image of Crest oral-care products24g Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste, 36mL Crest Rinse (alcohol-free), 36mL Scope Mouthwash, 4M Glide Floss, 24g Crest Complete + Scope Toothpaste